because we're awesome.

there's a long list of people who can help you pull off your wedding: mom, grandma, maid of honor, aunts, friends, the church lady, the neighbors, your grandma's canasta buddies...ok ok, you get the idea. so, which one of these people do you want to not enjoy your wedding? that’s what we thought.

executing a wedding is tough stuff. think about how long it will take you to pull it all together. and someone is supposed to make it all happen in half a day? whoa. 

the good news is we love taking your vision and making it reality. and here’s what makes us so awesome...



we're affordable. there are lots of wedding planners out there that would love to plan your whole wedding with you. they would also love to charge you accordingly. because of our unique approach of coming in either 2, 6 or 12 weeks out we can charge lots less and still help you have an amazing day!


we believe in you. you know what kind of wedding you want. in fact, you probably even want to plan your wedding yourself. after all, it’s you that’s been dreaming about it all these years. so why pay someone to do all that work when we can provide you with the resources to plan your wedding on your own. then we just step in at the right time and put the cherry on top. voilà. 


we’re organized. that should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people we hear about who aren’t so good at it. we love spreadsheets and timelines and keeping everything flowing smoothly on your wedding day.


we’re nice. i mean seriously, have you checked us out on “the team” page? who couldn’t love faces like that? but really, being nice is a huge part of what we do. moving wedding guests and bridal party members around from place to place without making them mad is tough. but we’ve got it down to an art.


let us take all your hard work and great ideas and put them into action.

 check out our pricing page or contact us today to chat about your wedding.